Determining Mechanical Properties of Pladeck Polymer Concrete Moulding Systems and Preparing Tables for Application

- In case of vertical applications (columns ete ... ) of PLADECK SPECIAL: with 3-mm-thickness and 30 m/h concrete loading speed, fresh concrete pressure on the mould surface will be 75 kN/m2. in this case, deflections formed in 30-cm-support-gap are within the defined limits.

- In comparison with wooden moulds, Pladeck does not absorb water. Therefore, less water will be used in concrete hydration. This will affect positively the durability of concrete.

- Pladeck moulding systems can be used safely by using tables and graphics obtained from this experimental study.


- Determining mechanical properties of Pladeck polymer concrete moulding systems and preparing tables far application.


- Experiments have been carried aut in material laboratories of lstanbul Technical University at the Faculty of Construction to determine mechanical properties of Pladeck polymer concrete moulding system. Experiments are classified in two groups. in the first group: characteristic properties are determined such as elasticity module, endurance against leakage and rupture. In the second group: loading experiments are done on different support gaps to obtain loading capacity and deflection values. Characteristic values obtained from those experiments are used in theoretical calculations to form the calculation tables.

Loading Experiments

- Loading experiments are done on Pladeck plates with 18-mm-thickness and 62,5-cmwidth. Flexure experiments are done to obtain flexure values in vertical and horizontal applications. in both cases, experiments are carried aut with 3 examples of 3 different support gaps.

Way of Effective Application

- Flexure experiments on different support gaps are done to obtain flexure values in vertical application. Therefore, important structural properties such as load interchange, maximum vertical load values, deflection values and collapse shapes are obtained.

- As a result, it is accepted that support is applied vertically in order to achieve an effective application of Pladeck.