Pladeck is a polymer product developed for concrete moulding in columns, floors, joists and all kinds of concrete mouldings. Pladeck is an ideal alternative product with its suitable cost, in compare to other concrete moulding systems such as plywood.

Mechanical properties of Pladeck are not dependent on duration of load. Different loads do not cause Pladeck to deform. Pladeck is non-flammable and not affected by water, humidity and weather conditions.

- The obtained surface is smooth with less flaws. it is ready tor plastering of parish and painting.

- Pladeck is a light product which is easy to carry during mounting and dismantling.

- According to project requirements, Pladeck can be produced in different lengths.

- Pladeck is easily separated from concrete without using of any moulding oil which decreases cost and alsa prevent negative effects on concrete adherence due to the interaction of oil and iron.

- Pladeck is resistent to nailing, drilling and cutting effects. it is recommended using special wide capped Pladeck nail far ideal application.

- Unlike plywood,it does not need to paint Pladeck with epoxy dye to get rid of water absorption.

- Pladeck is a long-life product. The number of re-use is larger than plywood's.

- The most important thing about Pladeck is to be a recyclable product. After last re-use, waste material and even small parts can be returned back to PVC waste producers.

- There is no cuting any trees to make Pladeck.